Familiar Done Differently

Your customized wearable as a transaction vehicle.


A fusion of style and contactless technologies.

More Versatile. More Affordable. More Professional.

purewrist is Mastercard certified.
Successfully completed Mastercard approval processes and LOA is registered with purewrist.


No batteries needed. Powered by NFC/RFID readers.

EMVCo Security

Highly Secure. EMVCo Standards, ISO 14443, NFC, RFID. Possibility of hosting multiple applications on same chip enabling universal interoperability without compromising security.

Thoughtfully Produced

Logistically saavy. Accessory and Mini-Tag produced seperately. purewrist can easily integrate into existing secure provisioning processes found globally.


Mini-Tag breaks away from standard payment card shape in a split second. Insert anywhere into our secured concealed housing pocket on bracelet so end users can wear and use purewrist to transact.


Refined finish and high quality material for impecable style. Low maintenance, unisex, universal sizing, and COMPLETELY WATER PROOF.

Custom Design

Get in touch to learn more. Design is purewrist's specialty.

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