Never touch cash or a card again.

Purewrist is a wearable payment bracelet. Load some money and go. Coffee, subways, groceries, and every day payments made simple, safe, secure, and contactless.

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Splash of Purewrist

A world beyond
the transaction.

Easily reload money anytime, manage your account, and much more with the Purewrist companion App.

Familiar done differently with an inspired fusion of smart and relevant technologies. Purewrist is more than just a contactless payment bracelet. It is peace of mind in our modern world.

Beyond The Transaction

Ideal for teens.

Get a Purewrist Bracelet for your teenager instead of giving them cash or a prepaid debit card.

Feel Good

Gratitude is a constant reminder to say thanks in a very simple way. We are giving 10% of our net profit to different cancer related nonprofit organizations. 

Next time you venture out to pay for the things that let you live your best life; Eliminate the risk and make it Hands-Free, Germ-Free, and Contactless. Tap & Go with your Purewrist at the same payment point of sale readers that accept existing contactless payments today.

Everyday Essentials

Keep it simple paying for daily coffee, beverages, food, gum, and much more was never so easy, fun, and safe. No facial recognition or fingerprint needed at checkout! Look for the same contactless enabled readers that accept all mobile NFC payments.

Public Transit

Cities around the world are adopting this new contactless technology including New York City. Tap & Go to enter the Subway. Get rid of the frustration of trying to unlock your phone while wearing a mask. Purewrist is much easier and more convenient to get you moving toward your destination.


Next time you go to your favorite sporting events in stadiums use your Purewrist to pay all the items that make your game day experience that much better and more convenient.

Live Events

Next time you go to a concert, fair, or live event use your Purewrist to purchase all your essentials like beverages and food. No need to bring a thick wallet with and don't worry about your phone running out of battery.

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More affordable. More Accessible. More Value.

Features & Benefits

Waterproof & Washable

Wash your hands, swim in a pool or the ocean, shower, and get dirty! None of which affect Purewrist's functionality.

No Batteries & No Charging

Powered by the payment readers. Similar to a regular contactless bank card function. Contactless simplicity.

Bank Grade Security

Purewrist meets very strict payment EMV security standards and leverages Mastercard's network so you can feel confident and safe using your Purewrist.

Digital Experience

Want to spend online? No problem. A secure page within the mobile app showcases your full card # for online spending.

FDIC Insured

Only for individuals who undergo the standard identity verification process for a reloadable wearable prepaid account.

ID Theft Protection from Mastercard

A special website where you can enter your card # to ensure that your most private information hasn't been compromised. Only after personalization occurs.

Mastercard Priceless Surprises

As a Mastercard partner you are eligible to enter sweepstakes simply by using Purewrist to make purchases.

Peer to Peer Transfers

Coming Soon: Send and receive funds to and from other Purewrist users.

Retail Store Reload

Coming Soon: Load more money onto your Purewrist by giving cash at thousands of retail locations across the USA.


Get yours today.

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