For Business

Purewrist is a hands-free, safe, simple and secure customizable contactless technology platform for the digital and cashless world.

We partner with businesses and help them unlock value. Elevate your brand to top of mind by enabling frictionless commerce, improving transaction velocity, and driving revenue.

Value Add

As a program manager, we bring configurable and scaleable payment solutions to propel your business forward.

The World Health Organization recommends contactless methods moving forward for many reasons. Ensure your customers, users, and/or employees are safe knowing that Purewrist’s solutions promote modern, safe, and convenient experiences.

Purewrist Benefits

  • Added flexibility by eliminating cash through digital contactless payments
  • Business intelligence with transactional data
  • De-risk liability with less touching
  • Demonstrate you care about your customers and/or employees with new convenience
  • Loyalty, branding, and promotion

One Chip, Multi-Purpose

  • Payments; Certified by Mastercard; Is also compatible with Visa, AMEX, and Discover
  • Ticketing
  • Access control
  • Loyalty
  • Transit

White label wearable and digital technology solutions.



Deliver payroll and allow recipients to have immediately available funds with a custom contactless payment bracelet.


Reloadable Prepaid Cards

Build revenue, customer loyalty, and excitement with your own card.


Security Access Control

The secure chip Purewrist uses for payments has the ability to simultaneously be programed for existing access systems.



Reduce friction and increase consumption velocity with Purewrist.


Corporate Gifts & Disbursements

Give a unique and fun gift to employees or use for disbursing commissions easy and quick for one-time or recurring payments.


Gift & Incentive Cards

Give a gift or incentivize to stakeholders customized solutions that delight recipients.  Customizable Mastercard virtual and digital gift cards are available.

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One platform touches many industries


Increase speed, convenience, expand product offerings, and maximize efficiency.

Financial Services

Fund your customers while increasing your revenue with a variety of options.

Hospitality Industry

Whether it is a resort or theme park, provide your patrons and guests with a modern and safe contactless experience the next time they step foot in .


Purewrist can be used as a vehicle to drastically increase revenue and awareness for nonprofits.

Live Entertainment

Live events, festivals, concerts, and sports games are the perfect use cases for Purewrist.

Gig Economy

Easily pay and distribute money to independent contractors.

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Case Study Examples


The Challenge

A hospitality organization is required to plan for the future while taking into consideration all new mandates from authorities. New protocols need to be implemented to ensure that patrons feel safe and secure as these businesses operate on a daily basis.

The Solution

Several projects approved and will be underway to offer a contactless payment wearable that also can be used as a room key that patrons can use for safer and more convenient experiences. Eliminate touch points and unnecessary interactions.


Continued planning and implementation to scale up.  First round of feedback is positive.


The Challenge

A company is interested in providing a gift as a token of appreciation to their stakeholders. This might be an employee or a partner. They did not just want to provide a regular "card" as it is something that can be viewed as basic and boring.

The Solution

Purewrist is able to deliver an innovative and exciting gift "card" connected to customized bracelets with the logo of the company.


A re-invigorated and excited recipient of the gift and a satisfied company.