Gratitude is a daily reminder to say thanks and humanize our purchases

We are giving 10% of our net profit to different nonprofit organizations   

It is a core principle of Purewrist, to connect your day-to-day payments back to philanthropy. That’s why we filed a trademark in 2014 to formally distinguish Gratitude in association to the Purewrist payments platform. 

Cancer is an issue close to us.

We are highlighting cancer. This has hit close to our company with one of our co-founders being a 3x cancer survivor.  We have given to cancer driven organizations in the past.


We will be continuously adding different charities who make an impact in different categories. If you have a charity in mind, drop us a note and we can look into a potential partnership opportunity to get more money donated to your charity!


Be a champion. Join the community. #Tapforgood by wearing and using your Purewrist will fund these great organizations who dedicate their livelihood to making positive change in our world.