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What we save companies



We have built a trusted platform saving your business significant time with going through the complex R&D and setup processes on your own.



Allocate your internal resources effectively.  Focus on what you do best so you can achieve your goals and let purewrist handle the rest.



We save your company money by helping drive profits with delivering the most competitive and cost effective pricing in the market without compromising quality.


A unique platform that touches many industries

Financial Institutions issuing payment accounts. More specifically the digital transformation departments, business development, marketing, and payments/card departments
Companies involved in the public transportation industry
Companies interested in issuing their own branded prepaid debit accounts
Secure smart card vendors
Entertainment & leisure organizations (hotels/resorts, theme parks, entertainment venue owners, sports teams)
Companies involved in marketing or merchandising for live events or brands
Companies who have a built in user base and want to create new unique products for their users
Brands who are interested in strategic collaborations
Entities interested in getting into the wearable technology business

How we've made a difference


The Challenge

A company who offers solutions to metropolitan city transit authorities asks themselves... How do we figure out a way to innovate, stay relevant, and offer daily commuters something new? There is fragmentation in delivering systems to tranportation authorities and purewrist acts as a piece to the puzzle.

The Solution

Several pilots approved and underway to offer an additional wearable as a transaction vehicle for daily commuters in metropolitan cities.


Continued planning and implementation to scale up.  First round of feedback is positive.


The Challenge

A full service financial institution and Issuer of credit & debit cards wanted to connect to their account holders in a new way and acquire new customers. Digital transformation departments and marketing teams need to deliver to keep shareholders and customers happy. They got started with a innovative wearable program that enhanced their brand.

The Solution

purewrist was able to deliver them a customized wearable as a transaction vehicle that is used as a compliment to a card and mobile.


A re-invigorated and excited base of users and an issuer who is continuing to stay cutting edge in the eyes of the industry and account holders.

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